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Joana Garcia

Sea Change VO

Through changing tides and shifting sands, the voice beacon for your brand


Joana Garcia voice over
Joana Garcia loves to tell stories–regardless of length, genre, or subject, she deeply enjoys bringing words to life through her peaceful, velvety voice.

In fact, Joana has always been a storyteller and oh does she have stories. Her childhood dream was to become an actor; however, through changing tides and shifting sands, Joana put her dream on hold to join the US Navy and serve as a career naval officer on aircraft carriers and F-18 fighter jets. After traveling all over the world, meeting many different people, and overcoming numerous challenges, Joana is returning to her creative ambitions, reinvigorated and more passionate than ever.

From dry and sarcastic to smooth and luxurious, there’s no read Joana can’t do. She’s been described as professional, accommodating, and multi-talented, all thanks to her confidence and proven directability. Over the past seven years, Joana has worked on over 100 audiobooks, and was even named one of the Latinx Narrators You Should Be Listening To. She also has ample experience in corporate narration, e-Learning, and audio dramas.

Your brand needs a voice beacon to broadcast it to the world. Joana Garcia can be a sea change in guiding your audience through changing tides and shifting sands in today’s world–she’s fun, relaxed, and hard working, with an articulate voice to match.


ACX voiced by Joana Garcia
beeaudio voiced by Joana Garcia
dreamscape voiced by Joana Garcia
Hachette voiced by Joana Garcia
tantor audio voiced by Joana Garcia
Twisted Tales of Madness and Murder podcast with Joana Garcia

Joana is incredible, despite a last minute script change she was professional, accommodating and exactly what I was looking for. She absolutely nailed the voice over based on the project and was a pleasure to work with. I would love to work with her again.
– Marco Delmar, Recording Arts, Arlington, VA DC area

Joana added a great element to our project. Her quick response and work time was great for our urgent deadline, she also showcases a great level of professionalism, and was a pleasure to work with!
– Justin Schuck

I am thrilled with the audiobook!!! Thank you so much for all of your work on it! It’s exactly how I hoped it would be and I love your warm, expressive voice!
– Ferris Robinson, Author of  Dogs & Love: Stories of Fidelity


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